IPS Peek is an IPS patch analysis and testing tool


Usually, IPS patch files can only be analyzed with hex editors; this can be difficult if the user has no knowledge of the IPS file format. IPS Peek allows IPS patch file data to be easily viewed in a visual way.

IPS patches can be opened, along with an optional target file (a file the patch is designed for). Each patch record can be clicked in a list, showing the data that is written to the file (in the Data View). Patch records can be selectively enabled or disabled for a given target file, and tested with an emulator, all from within the application. Patch report information can also be exported for later use.

  • Selective patching with instant visual file diff.
  • Emulator testing (with selected patch records).
  • Supports loading of a target file to see how patch records affect it (with patched file diff and highlighting).
  • Shows IPS patch records, record sizes, offsets and more!
  • Shows Lunar IPS truncate extension (CHS).
  • Shows data (in a hex view) written by a patch record.
  • Shows total size of all modified data.
  • Allows exporting of patch information to a text file for later use.
  • Filtering support.
System Requirements:
  • Windows 7 SP2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

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Current version: 0.6.0

Official development page: IPS Peek (github.com)

Official support and discussion page: IPS-Peek (github.com)