SBWin is a SEGA Genesis ROM converter for Windows


SBWin is a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive ROM conversion utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports SMD, BIN, and MGD files. It also supports Zip compression of converted ROMs.


  • Completely graphical interface
  • Easily convert between the most popular SEGA ROM formats
  • Blazing fast speeds allow conversion of dozens of files in seconds
  • Compression support allows files to be zipped for easy file portability
  • Compatible with operating systems from Windows XP and greater
  • Completely free to use

What people are saying

“If you’re concerned with how long it would take to convert all of your SEGA Genesis ROMs to another file format, don’t be. The developer advertises that blazing fast conversion speeds are a part of thins application. With fast conversion speeds, you can convert more ROMs in less time than it would take for you to use an alternative application for SEGA Genesis ROMS.” —

“To sum things up, SBWin Converter proves to be a handy SEGA Genesis ROM convertor that integrates a straightforward interface and several intuitive features. It is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.” —

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or greater.

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Latest version: 3.2.0